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Fluid Form

Fluid Form Logo

  • Genre: Liquid Drum’n’Bass
  • Label: Influenza Media, Liquid Brilliance
  • Influences: Culture Shock, Kove, Seba, Makoto

Artist Bio

Recording Artist,deejay,Classically Trained Choral Vocalist, Vinyl Junkie and Connoisseur of music hailing from the emerald shores and sun-kissed beaches in the panhandle of Florida (U.S.A). Growing up with a mother who is a classically trained pianist, conductor and music teacher, and a father who is a classically trained trombonist and music teacher, Fluid Form’s involvement in music was unelectable. Drawing influences mostly from drum and bass,jazz,funk and soul music, Fluid Form is on a odyssey to resonate his influence into the world of soulful electronic music.Keep your eyes peeled for forthcoming releases.